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I've always been fascinated by books with questions as titles. I wouldn't say I loved them, not by a long chalk. They always seemed so needy and desperate, screaming their queries from the bookshelves.

From the esoteric 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' to the baffling 'What Colour is Your Parachute?, I've always wanted to scream back at them, 'I don't know, you're the book, you tell me...' But of course, many of these title questions are rhetorical. They aren’t really asking us. Oh, they know all the answers, the smug little tomes. Their full titles should be things like, “Now, if you are asking yourself, 'Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?, well, ask no more! Because, boy do we have a biologically accurate and comprehensively researched answer for you right here, phew, eh? And not just that answer, we've answered hundreds of similar questions with equal authority and aplomb, we are great, buy this book, our children need new shoes.” Well, that's what they'd say if they had the space. Read more

The thing is, people seem to take all this as read. I mean, when we see the title 'Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?' we assume that the book is going to explain it all and set our minds at rest. We don't take immediate offence at the personal slur and throw the book to the floor and try to torch it. (well, YOU probably don't, I'm banned from Borders).

I've been collecting pictures of these question books for quite some time now, and on these pages are as many as I've found. Just browsing through them can be extremely entertaining on its own, but now, for the first time, you have the opportunity to provide some smart ass answers to these stupid questions. Yes, by just clicking on the relevant button, (somewhere up there) you can upload your own picture of a book, any book, that has a title that answers, in an hilarious fashion, any question title (It might answer more than one) and it will be displayed proudly on these pages for all to see.

One tip, I find the less you know about the contents of a book, the easier it is to come up with a particularly clever and sarcastic reply. And so, finally, there is somewhere where we can all judge a book by its cover.

The idea of this website is that I pose a question with a book title and you answer with another book title.

Any images uploaded must be genuine photos of the book. Pictures grabbed from the internet shall be disallowed and publicly mocked.

You must register before you can upload your pictures of cleverness.

After registration go to the Books section and you will see a 'file upload' icon, this will take you to the upload page.

Please make sure you choose the right category when you are uploading (which will be the name of the book you are answering) otherwise you will fail miserably.

There is a message board available for registered users only. After logging in you will see the link on the top menu. Here we will post the latest news and you can post any suggestions etc.

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